Thursday, 3 February 2011

How to hire a mini digger

This blog should really be titled ‘ How to Hire a mini digger and any other large construction equipment ‘!
Most people are not aware that they can easily rent powerful construction machines for use on their own  projects and jobs . With very little effort you can mechanise almost any job , digging , earthmoving , skiploading all the time consuming and back breaking jobs that put most people off starting the project at all!

Remember – you can hire any of the machines the professional builders use !
With this in mind you can ; 1) Save time
                                           2) Save money , doing it yourself will be cheaper
                                           3) Get the job done faster
                                           4) Learn some new skills and have fun !

So , the next time you are thinking about doing a job at home , and it looks ‘ out of your range ‘ , always bear in mind you can hire heavy equipment to make the job easier!.
First of all , don’t be put off by thinking hire companies only deal with trade customers , with the current economic squeeze they welcome all new inquiries , and , if they don’t there are plenty out there who will!
A quick search in any local directory or will bring up a selection of possible suppliers , or you can jot down contact numbers you will see on machines working around your neighbourhood , always remember that all the large builders merchants will have a hire division capable of supplying a massive list of equipment , the next time you are near a merchants pop in and ask for a hire brochure , they will usually hand you a thick glossy catalogue containing every type of plant and equipment you can think of ( and a bit more! )
Once you have decided on what type of machine you need , telephone at least two companies and ask for ‘the hire desk’ , you will  then speak to a ‘Hire Controller’ , this is industry speak for the guy who does all the work!
When asking for a quote there are several important things that have a direct bearing on the price ,
1)     Where is the job?  -  this affects the delivery cost
2)     When is the machine required? – will they have a machine available
3)     How long will you need the machine? – just helps with forward planning
These  three questions will always be asked and a price should be quoted .Remember , the listed price is usually negotiable and these companies want your business , always ask for a better rate than shown in the catalogue , it is probably easier to ‘ screw down the price’ of hire than any other industry , they hate to see you go elsewhere , and, they want the business , I repeat,always ask for a better deal . The other main costs involved will be insurance, a  real necessity that is sometimes provided ,as an extra so check the cost and extent of cover ,and fuel for the machine .Usually equipment is delivered with full tanks and should be returned the same , check on delivery that this is the case before signing the drivers note.

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